Car Power Windows

Car Power Windows

The concept of power windows was introduced by Ford Motors for the first time in the year 1941 in their car model Lincoln Custom and Packard Custom Super 180. Power windows are electric windows which can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button rather than the traditional handle which has to be turned manually for raising and lowering car windows. Power windows can either be in built or they can be externally installed by paying an extra amount. All the cars today come with a power window variant which is slightly higher in price as compared to the car with normal windows.

Working of Power Windows

Power windows mostly work on the principle of electricity or battery that is controlled by switches and a number of wires. Power windows work only when the car is on start mode. This is so because they run on electricity or battery unlike the traditional windows. The basic power window system comprises control of all four windows by the driver. This is so because the door of the driver receives power from an optimized circuit beaker. This power is then sent to the window switch control panel from where it is further transferred to a centre point where the wirings of all the four windows meet. The power contact then gets connected to the vehicle ground on one end and the battery or electric motor at the other end.

When the driver presses the switch mounted near his seat then one of the two side contacts gets disconnected from the ground and connects to the centre power. This provides the power to get distributed to the rest of the windows.

However the latest luxury car brands have a more technologically advanced power window system. This is so because the car is fitted with many powered components like power windows, power door, and power mirrors. In such a case it becomes very difficult for the car manufacturers to assemble all the wires together in one so they merge all the wires into one module to monitor all the controls. Hence when the driver presses the button power gets transmitted directly to the central wire module and then to all the four windows.

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012