Car Floor Mats

Car Floor mats

A mat is simply a piece of textile or fabric which is placed on a flat surface. Car floor mats are placed on the floor of a vehicle to enhance the interiors of a vehicle and also to protect it from dust, dirt, water and road salt. Their ultimate purpose is thus to keep the vehicle clean.

There are different types of car floor mats. Each type is designed keeping in mind different types of environmental conditions. Eco-friendly mats, emphasizing people to adopt green lifestyles have also entered the market. They are made up of recycled rubber tires, taking care of the environment. The other car floor mats are available in a variety of colors and designs and can be purchased from automotive part stores, general department stores and car dealership outlets.

Types of Car Floor Mats

Rubber car floor mats: Rubber floor mats are made of high quality rubber and are ideal for wet climates. They are designed in such a way that they can contain dirt, dust, water and other materials that could be glued to your shoes. The material is generally stain resistant and water proof meant to serve for a long time.

Carpet car floor mats: A carpet floor mat is generally made of synthetic fibers woven to produce a beautiful product meant to trap dust and dirt. Carpeted floor mats often come along with the purchase of a new car. They are matched with the interiors of the car and hence impart a sophisticated look to the vehicle. The quality of the fibers and the density of weave determine the mat's effectiveness at trapping dust and dirt. This type of mat is most effective in a climate with moderate to low rainfall levels.

Clear Floor mats: The clear car mat is an external piece of vinyl that is cut and spread over the existing mat of the car. This is usually done to reduce wear of the original mat and increase longitivity. The material of the vinyl should be chosen keeping in mind its thickness and durability.

Universal absorbent Car mats: These mats made from lightweight polyethylene with a cloth cover. Universal absorbent mats are quick liquid-absorbers and best suited in wet climatic conditions

Custom car floor mats: This kind of car floor mats is for those who have certain specific needs. In case of the custom car floor mat you can choose your own fabric and design and order the mat to be made according to your liking.

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012