Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers

Car seat covers enhance the décor of your car. Your car happens to say a lot about your personality. Car seat covers provide aesthetics, comfort and safety to your car. This car accessory goes through the maximum wear and tear in a car hence this should be carefully chosen and well kept.

Car seat covers come in various designs, colors, patterns and fabrics. The car accessory market offers a wide variety of seat covers falling under different price ranges.

Types of car seat covers

Custom fit seat covers: These are the most widely used seat covers in luxury car models. They are made to suit individual requirements. Custom seat covers do not obstruct the seat belts, headrest, seat control buttons and airbags. They are tailored to fit the seat like second skin.

Semi custom seat covers: They suit all the seats of a particular model of car. Tough they are quite similar to custom fit seat covers they are not as expensive as the former.

Universal seat covers: This type of seat cover is made to fit any kind of seat. They are inexpensive and very easy to use. They have to just be stretched on to the existing seat.

How to choose a car seat cover

  • The car seat cover has to match the interiors of the car. It has to blend with the door panels, console and carpet of the car.

  • Choose a seat cover that is washable and stain resistant.

  • If you use your vehicle for long journeys then it is advisable to use tough seat covers.

  • The car seat cover should be chosen according to type of seat. There are different types of seats in cars like split seats, bucket seats and seats with head rests. If your car has a headrest seat then the cover should be chosen keeping the headrest in mind.

  • If you change your seat covers often then you should go in for inexpensive seat covers.

  • If you want your seat cover to last for a long time then you can go in for a good quality leather seat.

Advantages of car seat covers

  • Car seat covers protect the seat from any kind of damage.

  • It protects the seat from any sort of spills, sweat and grime.

  • It provides comfort to the people sitting in the car.

  • It enhances the beauty of the car.

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012