Car Parking Sensors

Car parking sensors

Car Parking sensors are ultrasonic sensors which provide information about the proximity of vehicles on the road while parking the car. Parking sensors use ultrasonic proximity sensors which are embedded in the front or rear of the car. The sensors measure the time taken for each sound pulse to be reflected back to the receiver. Parking sensors are the most common form of feedback to the driver of a car. It is due to this device that the level of collisions in India has reduced drastically.

Depending on the speed of the vehicle and its distance from the obstacle the car parking system warns the driver via audio or visual means about the possibility of a collision. Warning mainly depends on the speed and proximity of the obstacle. Warnings are deactivated when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed, and can be switched off for situations such as stop-and-go traffic.

Reverse Car parking Sensors

The sensor system that is used most often is the reverse car parking system. This system is automatically activated when you reverse gears. Small sensors are located at the rear of the car which send and receive ultrasonic radio waves in the event of an approaching obstacle. There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object and displays the distance on the LCD screen.

Wireless parking Sensors

This kind of parking system comes with four to eight sensors. In case of four sensors all are located at the rear of the car and in case of eight sensors the sensors are evenly distributed between front and rear. The control unit of the wireless parking system sends out ultrasonic radio waves from the sensors attached to the vehicle. Wireless parking systems will warn the driver as he or she approaches the obstacle through audible, visual or both means

Visual Feedbacks

Cars which are incorporated with a visual parking sensor system usually use a LCD or LED screen to display the distance of the approaching danger or object. The direction and distance from the obstacle is indicated by the location and strength of the warning symbols.

Audible Feedbacks

This is the most common form of car parking sensor system. The warnings are generally given via beeps or tones. Generally the frequency of beeps determines the level of danger. The beeps become faster as the obstacle starts coming closer to the vehicle. A continuous tone may be heard when the vehicle is extremely close, often warning a driver to stop immediately to avoid collision.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012