Car Audio Systems Price List

About Car Audio Systems

Over the ages, people are fond of listening to music. With the changing life style of the present day world, we have been involving music in everything we do, be it reading, writing, working, driving, traveling etc. The different kinds of audio players invented in the current tech savvy world help in fulfilling our wishes.

The car audio systems, a type of modern car accessory, are not any exception. They entertain one while driving as well as traveling by helping him or her play the best tracks that he or she loves to listen to. These car audio players come in various models and features. A number of electronic companies in India and abroad are involved in the manufacturing as well as marketing of varied types of car audio systems. Following are the names of some of the most popular brands among them:

  • Alpine
  • Blaupunkt
  • Panasonic
  • Pioneer
  • Sony

Car Audio Systems Price List

The following table provides the prices of the different car audio players that are in demand in the Indian car accessories market:

Sl. No. Name of the Car Audio SystemName of the Brand Price
1DEH 1390 MP C. D. ReceiversPioneerINR. 6, 240.00
2Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 383 Sony INR. 6, 290.00
3Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 292 Sony INR. 6, 490.00
4Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 282 S Sony INR. 6, 990.00
5Melbourne SD 27 BlaupunktINR. 7, 000.00
6DEH 2390 UB C. D. ReceiversPioneerINR. 7, 800.00
7Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 494 U Sony INR. 7, 990.00
8San Francisco 300 Blaupunkt INR. 8, 250.00
9Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 45 IP Sony INR. 8, 490.00
10Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 484 US Sony INR. 8, 990.00
11Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 595 UI Sony INR. 8, 990.00
12Kingston MP 47 MP 3 Car Music System Blaupunkt INR. 9, 000.00
13Toronto 400 BT Bluetooth Radio C. D. MP 3 USB Aux Blaupunkt INR. 9, 850.00
14Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 686 UI Sony INR. 9, 990.00
15Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 696 UI Sony INR. 9, 990.00
16DEH 7350 BT C. D. ReceiversPioneerINR. 10, 000.00
17Color Display Seattle MP 57 BlaupunktINR. 10, 500.00
18DEH 8350 SD C. D. ReceiversPioneerINR. 11, 700.00
19C. D. Head Unit CDE W 203 E Alpine INR. 11, 990.00
20KDC X 8016 BT Bluetooth Built-in AAC/ WMA/ MP 3 C. D. Receiver with USB InterfaceKenwoodINR. 11, 990.00
21Xplod In Car Visual D. V. D./ V. C. D. Player MEX DV 808 Sony INR. 11, 990.00
22Xplod C. D. Receiver MEX BT 3600 U Sony INR. 11, 990.00
23Xplod C. D. Receiver CDX GT 878 US Sony INR. 12, 490.00
24DEH 6390 SD C. D. ReceiversPioneerINR. 12, 500.00
25Xplod C. D. Receiver WX GT 77 UI Sony INR. 12, 990.00
26Xplod In Car Visual D. V. D./ V. C. D. Player MEX DV 1505 U Sony INR. 13, 990.00
27Xplod In Car Visual D. V. D./ V. C. D. Player MEX DV 2200 Sony INR. 13, 990.00
28C. D. Head Unit CDE 102 E Alpine INR. 15, 490.00
29C. D. Head Unit CDE 103 EBT Alpine INR. 15, 490.00
30C. D. Head Unit CDE 100 EUB Alpine INR. 15, 990.00
31Xplod C. D. Receiver MEX BT 4750 U Sony INR. 15, 990.00
32Hamburg MP 68 Bluetooth Enabled Car System BlaupunktINR. 19, 000.00
33Velocity 2 Go 5 Multi Purpose In Car and Home Entertainment BlaupunktRs.20,000.00
34New Jersey MP 68 Double Din Car Hi Fi System with Bluetooth Blaupunkt INR. 21, 750.00
35Velocity 2 Go 6 Multipurpose In Car and Home EntertainmentBlaupunktINR. 22, 000.00
36C. D. Head Unit CDA - 9887 Alpine INR. 22, 316.00
37C. D. Head Unit CDA 117 E Alpine INR. 22, 490.00
38C. D. Head Unit CDA 105 E/ EM Alpine INR. 24, 978.00

Last Updated on 2/27/2012