Car amplifiers

Car amplifiers

Car amplifiers are installed in a vehicle in order to alter audio frequency signals generated by the audio system installed in the car. With the help of amplifiers music lovers can enjoy high frequency music with utmost clarity and precision. The purpose of an amplifier is to take a low level signal from the source unit and change it to a high level signal.

Basically a mobile amplifier is a dedicated electronic amplifier separated from the other components of a car stereo system. Most vehicles today are incorporated with an amplifier in the head unit of the audio system. The car audio systems which do not possess an amplifier can be fitted with an external one. External amplifiers can be fitted to any part of the car except the head unit. They can be located in the car trunks, compartments near the vehicle rear, in doors, etc. In sophisticated audio systems the audio amplifiers are located at a certain distance from the source of the sound system. The amplifiers are grounded to the chassis of a vehicle.

Working of Car amplifiers

Sound is produced by an audio speaker when the device receives a particular signal. The signal received by the speaker is typically a sound produced by the audio amp. The speaker receives a signal from the car amplifier and produces vibrations which in turn produce sound. The sound produced by the amplifier can range from twenty watts per channel to about one thousand watts per channel. The price of an amplifier depends on the number of features that it offers. These features include built-in active crossovers, equalizers, signal processing and speaker level inputs. The more the features more is the benefit in terms of sound produced by the amplifiers.

High power audio amplifiers generally amplify the audio output of a car stereo system. It is necessary to have a good audio sound system in the car with good quality amplifiers since the vehicle has to combat a series of noise that are produced from the chassis of the car and other external din.

Car Amplifiers Providers in India

  • Power Acoustik
  • Pyle
  • Lanzar
  • Legacy
  • Bose Audio Systems
  • Kenwood
  • Sony
  • Pioneer

Last Updated on 1/9/2012