Car Navigation Systems

Technology has evolved so much that life just seems to get easier by the day. The advancement of technology has given birth to a large number of gadgets and devices in the last few years. The Indian automobile industry has witnessed a sudden growth over the last few decades. Considering the competitive market scenario in a process to outdo competitor's automobiles today are equipped with the latest technical inventions. The latest and best inventions in the field of automobiles is however the introduction of the car navigation system. The GPS is found in most of the premium vehicle today.

The car navigation systems or the GPS (global positioning systems) is a special kind of functional satellite navigation system that comprises satellites and sensors along with an inbuilt computer directing software that helps to give directions for a particular destination.

In India the first car navigation systems were launched by SatNav Technologies which was followed by MapmyIndia and Blaupunkt. Today a good number of car models in India are equipped with a car navigation system.

Car Navigation Systems in India

SatGuide Navigation System

SatNav Technologies which is a Hyderabad based IT Company along with Bangalore map data launched the SatGuide Navigation System in India. This system was designed by a team of expert engineers to help the people of Bangalore to navigate around the entire city with comfort and ease. It is even helpful for drivers as they can concentrate on their driving without having to fear about losing their way.

This navigation system is linked to 24 GPS satellites orbiting around the earth. Three out of these 24 GPS satellites send signals to the GPS receiver that is installed in the navigation device to ascertain the exact location of the car. The user of this system then only has to type the address of his destination in the SatGuide unit. The satellite then displays the best possible and convenient route to the desired destination and also prompts the driver through voice commands.


The most recent entry into the car navigation system market was by Blaupunkt . The GPS device is called TravelPoint. The TravelPoint is a portable deice available in different models known as TravelPilot 100, TravelPilot Lucca 3.5, and TravelPilot 300. All these three models provide directions based on a combination of verbal and visual communications. Blaupunkt has popularized the GPS system by providing comprehensive information on route guidance to all its customers.

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012