Bikes in India

The growing middle class population, prosperous rural India and the scarcity of reliable public transport and fuel economy are the leading causes for the rise of two wheelers on Indian roads. The Indian two wheeler market is the second largest in the world and is continuously growing at an alarming rate of 25% annually. India stands next to Japan and China in terms of two wheelers produced and domestic sales figures. The Indian two wheeler industry began a modest start in the 1950's and witnessed spectacular growth over the last 5 years. Bikes constitute 80% of the two wheelers sold every year. The year 2009 saw a host of new models of motorcycles like Yamaha Gladiator, Yamaha R 25, TVS Apache 160 cc and the Kawaskai Ninja. All these bikes created a rage among the youngsters and have hence forced many of the two wheeler manufacturing companies to produce even better bikes with engine displacements of more than 150 cc.

The Indian two wheeler manufacturers are specially encouraged by the enthusiasm exhibited by the youth of the country for heavy and sporty bikes. The introduction of the Bajaj pulsar witnessed a change in the entire history of biking in India. The bike turned out to be the highest selling bike in the Indian subcontinent because of its unmatched looks and powerful engine. India is now becoming a preference for two wheeler auto giants around the world.

Sales figures of some of the bikes manufacturing companies

  • Hero Honda is the world's largest motorcycle selling company and cracked a whopping sales figure of 3,89,802 units already in 2010 an increase of 23.57 percent over 3,15,458 units sold in January 2009.

  • Bajaj Auto sold 2,33,000 units in January 2010, a rise of a unbelievable 112 percent as compared to 1,09,000 units which they managed to sell in January 2009.

  • TVS Motors registered an impressive 5% growth in 2009, registering a total two-wheeler sales of 1,18,574 units as compared to 1,12,770 units in 2008.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012