Bikes with Cng

CNG & Its Benefits

CNG or Compressed Natural Gas is the most viable alternate fuel for automobile companies in the near future. CNG is an alternated fuel which makes the use of compressed natural gas as a clean alternative to other fuels. Throughout the world there are 9.6 million vehicles running on CNG. CNG is viable or preferable because it has a host of advantages as against traditional fuels. CNG is environment friendly; economic, availability is in abundance and high in calorific value.

An increasing number of vehicles a worldwide are being designed to run on CNG. Even existing vehicles can be converted to run on CNG just with the switch of a button. CNG's can also be very easily refueled from any of the existing gas stations.

The central government has also stressed the importance of using CNG enabled vehicles. According to the government all public transports including buses and autos would be running on CNG. Transports fitted with a CNG kit are already running in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. CNG cars are said to be safer than LPG cars also because LPG is very highly combustible whereas CNG is very light in property and dissipates easily into the air.

The life of the engine of the vehicle is also enhanced by CNG due to the fact that this gas is dry and does not leave behind any residue when engaged in the combustion process to propel the car. Further more it restricts tuning of the engine drastically as compared to other fuel engines.

CNG and LPG are slowly and steadily gaining ground in the automobile industry. They surely seem to be the fuel of the future. With the continuous rise in the price of petrol and diesel alternated fuels are becoming the preference of Indian consumers.

CNG/LPG has been used on many commercial vehicles for years and now it is starting to filter down to regular commuter vehicles. CNG enables buses and three vehicles are already doing the rounds in some of the major metropolitans of India and they are soon to touch the roads of the other two tier cities in the country as well due to the alarming environmental damages caused by gasoline .

Bikes with CNG

Most of the bikes that would be CNG enabled would have three options which could be resorted to by the push of a button. CNG enabled two wheelers would result in acute fuel economy for the owner and zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Since two wheelers account for the largest sales in India most of the two wheeler manufacturing companies are resorting to cleaner fuel options. A host of bikes with CNG fuel option will be making its way into the Indian roads between 2010 - 2012.

Bajaj Auto: The second largest two wheeler manufacturer in India Bajaj Auto has recently launched its first CNG motorcycle called Bajaj RE CNG Auto 4 stroke. The motorcycles will actually be capable of running on LPG/ CNG and as well as gasoline. The rising prices of fuel and also due to the emissions of dangerous greenhouse gases produced by gasoline have led auto giants to think on these lines.

TVS Motors: TVS Motor Company is also all geared up to launch its first ever CNG enabled bike in India in 2011. TVS Motors believe that the automobile companies have to make a green revolution by adopting the future technology for a safe and secure environment.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012