Car Speakers

Speakers form an integral part of any sound system. With the help of speakers, anyone can listen to their favorite number. Ever since its introduction, speakers have remained the 'in thing' for most of the music lovers as these give the opportunity to listen to music at a very high volume. The popularity of speakers have increased so much over the years that in the present day cars either come with in-built speakers or can be incorporated by the buyer later. Car speakers generally function in a similar fashion when compared to any other kinds of speakers which are specialized for using while the vehicle is in motion.

Earlier speakers were mostly placed in the center of the dashboard of the car, with the change of time; some more locations for car speakers were included, like in the front deck, in the rear or back deck, in the doors and in the kick panel. Each and every position of the speakers of the car has its own significance as well as advantages and disadvantages in terms of sound quality, and perspective of the manufacturing of the automobile. Mostly 5.1 and 7.1 channel surrounding speaker systems are implemented in the cars. However, before going to buy car speakers it is important to test its sound. Listening to the speakers is important for determining which speakers will suit the car.

Types of car speakers

The different types of car speakers fall into two categories, component or coaxial or dual-way speakers. While tweeters, sub-woofers and midrange driver fall in the category of component, in the most usual category or coaxial, midrange speakers and tweeters combine into a single unit, thereby, enabling an easy installation.

Sizes of car speakers

Car speakers come in different sizes that can range from 1-inch tweeters to 8- inch, 12-inch subwoofers and even larger sizes.

Shapes of car speakers

The shapes of these speakers range from circular to triangular, oval, square and even hexagonal.

Advantages of portable car speakers

Portable car speakers refer to those speakers which can be removed from the vehicle. These kinds of speakers can be installed in different cars. There are various advantages of portable car speakers. The first advantage is that it can be easily upgraded in comparison to the in-built speakers. Though most of the cars come with excellent security options, stealing car speakers is quite common. In this case, the portable car speakers get an edge over the in-built ones as they can be easily removed when the car is not in use.

Car speaker manufacturers in India

Some of the manufacturers of car speakers India are mentioned in the following list:

  1. Hangzhou szy Electron Co. Ltd
  2. A.U.T.O. Wires Private Limited
  3. Shivka Trading Private Limited
  4. Singh Electronics
  5. Dakshin Speaker Manufacturing Private Limited

Last Updated on 1/9/2012