Car Wheel Caps

Car wheel caps

Car accessories have become really important today. Customizing your car can also be very thrilling sometimes. For the end result tells you that whatever time and money you invested in decorating it paid off. People often forget the major functions of some accessories and just think it as a decorative item. Automobile accessories are parts made for comfort, convenience, performance, safety, or customization. They are parts which are designed for add-on service after the sale of the car .The wheels of a vehicle are the most vulnerable part. Hence special attention should be given to the wheels. Wheel caps protect the wheels which are otherwise exposed to all kinds of road conditions.

Car wheel caps enhance the exterior look of your vehicle along with improving its performance. In someway, wheel caps give wheels a flatter and complete look. The curves of the wheels due to the caps design, gives the car a more muscular look.

Wheel covers are like hubcups clipped on to an otherwise dull looking steel wheel or rim to enhance the look of the wheel. To impart a sporty and flashy look to the car. They are very simple to use. They have metal clip retainers that you just have to clip on to the wheel of your vehicle. Most vehicle caps are either made of high grade durable plastic, chrome or metal. They are disc shaped which are simply placed on wheels to impart the flashy and sporty look. They are easy to remove and install. The alloy wheel caps are the most widely preferred car accessories today. They cover old rims and wheels and hence save you of the trouble in investing in new wheels and rims.

Wheel caps come in various designs. They range from sporty with chrome spokes to classy designs to spinning wheel covers. Wheel caps come as half (like on Santro) or full(like on Honda City, Optra, Innova, Tavera, Esteem).

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012