Car Audio Systems

A good car audio system is definitely a relief from the traffic jams on Indian roads. You could be having the best possible car on earth but a car without a proper audio system is only half a car. Till the mid 90's the idea of a car audio system was still nascent hence the choice was also limited. But the rise in the demand for automobiles in the last decade has given an impetus to the auto accessories market as well. Today the car audio market in India, like the automobile industry, has undergone a sea change, with quite a few numbers of players making up the official market. Every type of component from tape and CD-headers to changers, sub-woofers, amplifiers and crossovers are all available from a number of internationally reputed manufacturers, with a number of them being assembled here in India.

Today car manufacturers have realized the importance of inbuilt car accessories. The more the number of accessories in a car the more is the value of it in the eye of the consumer. Previously power windows were a rare phenomena but today almost every car has the power window facility. Customers also do not mind paying that extra price for it. The growth of the auto accessory market has been simultaneous with the growth of the automobile industry in India.

Car audio systems have gone through a major change over the last decade. From the traditional cassette playing audio system people have switched on to satellite radios. The most common car audio system fitted in most of the cars today is the CD and DVD player and the MP3 and ipod are slowly gaining its ground in the India audio system market.

Basic Components of a car audio System

Head Unit: This is the primary control devise of a car audio system usually placed in the dash panel. The head unit consists of multiple components like the radio receiver, tuner, amplifier, tape player, CD player, DVD Player and USB flash memory etc. In short it is the most important visible part of the audio system.

Speakers: There is not much difference between car speakers and other normal loud speaker except for the fact that it contains certain important key components meant to be used in the case of mobile environments. The speaker is a very important part of the audio system since this is the unit responsible for the actual reproduction of the sound that electrical energy produces.

Amplifiers: The amplifier is generally fitted in the head unit itself most of the times. But sometimes the head units do not contain the amplifier in that case an external amplifier could be fitted to the system. The quality of an amplifier is really important for car audio system because it is the function of the amplifier to increase or amplify a signal.

Subwoofers: Subwoofers is a type of loudspeaker that reduces frequency reproduction.