Car Spoilers

A car spoiler is a car accessory that is fitted to the rear end of the car. It is like a wing in shape and is normally mounted on the top of a cars trunk or placed under the front bumper. The rear and front spoilers of the car are also sometimes known as the wing and the air dams of the car respectively.

Car spoilers improve the external look of the car drastically. It imparts a dynamic look to the car which makes the vehicle stand out as compared to the other vehicles on the road. The spoiler not only contributes to the external appearance of the vehicle but also improves stability of the car.

Although car spoilers are a must for racing cars, today more and more passenger vehicles are seen with this accessory for its sporty and trendy look and performance. Car spoilers come in various shapes and sizes and numerous designs

Car spoilers are often confused with car wings but there is a slight difference between the two. The main function of an automobile wing is to generate down force as air passes around it and the main function of a spoiler is to disrupt existing airflow patterns.

Types of Car Spoilers

  • High Hooped Spoilers
  • Supra Styled Spoilers
  • Lip Spoilers
Most of the widely used spoilers are made of polyurethane while some are made of steel and others of fiber glass. Sometimes spoilers are also made up of a combination of two or three metals. Generally spoilers are sold unpainted so that the buyer can paint the spoiler according to the color of his car or however he likes it.

Importance of Car Spoilers

The spoiler increases stability of a vehicle. Spoiler improves stability by decreasing lift or drag that may cause unpredictable handling while the car is in motion. The spoiler disrupts the airflow that passes over a moving car thereby reducing the amount of life naturally produced by the shape of the car. Due to an increase in traction of a car that is in motion the car brakes, accelerates and turns with more stability. The drag increases with the increase in speed. Some cars are installed with both front and rear spoilers. This minimizes the overall turbulence that could be caused due to air pressure created at the front and rear.

Spoilers are very easy to install, it comes with sealing gasket and mounting bolts.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012