Car Accessories in India

About Car Accessories

In the present day, cars have become one of the mostly used modes of transport in India. Traveling in own cars has always been much more comfortable than traveling in public transports. Apart from that, with a continuous change in the models as well as advanced features of cars, it has become a fascination of many people. Now, like any other thing, a car even needs to be decorated and there comes the importance of the different kinds of car accessories. Besides giving an overall trendy look to a car, these accessories have got varied other features, which make your journey easy and pleasurable. The features of the accessories that are used in cars vary from one accessory to another though.

Car Accessories in India

In this country, different companies are in continuous competition among each other in introducing as well as marketing the most up to date and unique car accessories. These striking accessories are invented from time to time, keeping in mind the requirements of the modern car lovers. Following are some of the famous car accessories, which are available in the car shops:

Interior Accessories

Audio or Video Systems: Nowadays, the completeness of a car depends on a music system as well since, it entertains one while driving. To name a few of the popular accessories in this segment are:

  • Amplifiers
  • Audio Players like Cassette Players and C. D. Players
  • Equalizers
  • Home Theater Systems
  • C. D. Changers
  • L. C. D. Screens
  • M. P. 3 Player
  • Speakers
  • Stereo
  • Sub-woofer
  • D. V. D. Players
  • Woofers
Car Films: These colored films protect a traveler from the U. V. rays and lessen heat inside the car, thus, making one's journey comfortable. Comfort Kits: Such a kit includes car pillows or neck rest pillows that assist you drive or travel more comfortably.

Floormats or Footmats: These rubber finished mats protect the floor of the cars from the dirt, road salt, sand and water, which we take inside the car along with our shoes. G. P. S. Navigation System: This is a kind of road asset that helps one in getting a prior idea about the unknown roads. Apart from that, it even come with driving directions as well as warns about the limit of speed.

Mobile and Laptop Chargers: They help one in recharging their mobile and laptop while driving so that it does not affect their busy life. Seat Cover: The car industry has got different types of seat covers, which come in various designs and colors. These covers protect the seats as well as give a stylish look to the car interior. Security Systems: Varied types of security systems are available in the market, which helps you park your car safely and protects it from theft. Following are some of the popular car security systems used by people:

  • Central Locking
  • Gear Locks
  • G. S. M. Securities
  • Power Windows
  • Reverse Parking Sensor
  • Seat Belt Cover
  • Side Curtains
Steering Covers: Used for improving the interior look of the cars, most of these steering covers come in an affordable range.

Exterior Accessories

These accessories vary with the requirement as well as model of the car. However, to name a few of the common accessories used for car exterior are:

  • Bar
  • Body Kit
  • Front Bumper
  • Designed License Plate
  • Manufacturer Decal
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear Bumper
  • Side Step
  • Side View Mirror
  • Sun Roof
  • Wheel Cover

Other Accessories

Apart from the accessories categorized above, there are some other accessories that are widely used in cars. Some of the other car accessories are as follows:

Car Body Covers: Mostly used while being parked, these dust and water proof covers do not let the color of the car fade away.

Lighting: The after sale car markets have a huge collection of different kinds of lightings that make a car stand out from the common ones. Such lights include the following:

  • Boot Light
  • Hood Illuminating Light
  • Fog Lamp
  • Neon Under-glow Light
  • Extra Intense Headlight
Last Updated on 2/27/2012