Car Decorations

Car decorations items are becoming more and more popular these days. The car décor market is huge because of the growing demand for car enhancing accessories. There are a host of car decorative items for the interiors and as well as exteriors of a car.

Below is a list of car decorative items.

Audio System: An audio system today is probably one of the most important parts of a car. Since youngsters today want to make a style statement with their cars they are installing powerful and stylish audio systems in their sedans, hatchbacks and SUV's. The audio systems installed are one of the best in the market along with latest technological advancements which enhance the overall look of the vehicle.

Good Set of Headlights: Car owners today are constantly on the lookout for fancy looking headlights like neon under glow lights, extra intense headlights, hood-illuminating lights and boot lights. It is the headlight that stands out and makes your car look different form the others present on the road.

Exterior Accessories: There are a number of exterior accessories which can completely change the look of the car like Stylized graphic stickers, special reflector films, rear spoilers, rear & front bumpers, side view mirrors, side steps, body kits, bars, sun roofs, manufacturer decals and designer license plates. All these accessories can enhance the look of the car making it look different from the other cars gliding the roads.

Tyre rims & Alloy rims: Along with the exterior accessories mentioned above tyre rims and alloy rims also form an important part of car decoration. Tyre rims and alloy rims enhance the look of the tyres which otherwise look dull. The tyre rims are generally metallic and hence shiny in nature. They specially shine at night announcing the arrival of your car on the road.

Interior Accessories: Interior accessories such as gear knobs, gear shaft covers, pedal covers enhance the look of the interiors of the car.

Car Hangings: These are generally hung inside the car beside the driver's seat. Car hangings are of various kinds but the most common ones are bells, feng shui, and soft toys. They impart life to the car

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012