Car Alloy Wheels

Car alloy wheels are automobile wheels that are made from a mixture of aluminum and magnesium metals. Alloy wheels are different from wheels made of steel for the sheer reason that these wheels are lighter in weight and hence help the car to move faster. Alloy wheels also enhance the appearance of the car and give it a very flashy look. Manufacturers today are realizing the importance of alloy wheels and are incorporating it in their latest luxury cars to further enhance the overall look of the vehicle.

Advantages of using Alloy Wheels

Reduce vehicle weight: The normal steel wheels add to the weight of the car making the vehicle heavier. On the contrary alloy wheels lessen the weight of the car because of its own light weight. Due to the reduction in unstrung weight it becomes easier for the driver to drive. Alloy wheels also help the engine to provide better mileage.

Good Conductor of heat: Alloy is an excellent conductor of heat. It improves heat dissipation from the brakes thereby reducing the chances of a brake failure under any sort of driving conditions.

Visually Appealing: Alloy wheels impart a very sporty and flashy look to your vehicle. Alloy wheels are becoming very famous these days because of its visual appeal. Since they come under the category of car accessories they are the most sought after accessory. Alloy wheels enhance the look of your vehicle thereby making it stand out in the crowd.

Increase tyre life: Owning to the host of benefits that alloy wheels provide to a vehicle, today most car manufacturers are using these wheels on their cars. Aluminum alloy wheels and brake systems cool faster which helps to increase the life span of the tyre. Alloy wheels are also tougher than steel wheels. They prevent the rims of the wheel from bending.

Tips to maintain alloy wheels

  • Let the alloy wheels cool down before washing

  • Wash the alloy wheels regularly with warm water.

  • Use mild soapy water to wash the alloy wheels.

  • Do not use rough abrasive cleansers like steel and wire wool.

  • Avoid using regular car wash cleansers every time.

  • Grease the alloy wheels at regular intervals

If alloy wheels are cared for and maintained well then they will compliment your car for a long time to come.

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Last Updated on 1/9/2012