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At a time when Indian Auto industry experts refuse to predict even the next quarterly's growth US based consultancy Keystone has already given their verdict. India is predicted as being the 3rd largest car market by 2030 only behind China and the US. The size of the Indian car market is said to cross 20 million (assuming a consistent GDP growth rate of 6%) India is a booming market for all car manufacturers due to the rising per capita incomes of Indians. There is an overall increase in the production of cars from 1.77 million units in the year 2008 to 1.83 million units in 2009 .

There are a host of line ups for new cars to be launched in 2012. Considering the continuous rise in demands for cars in India the Indian and global automobile giants are getting a continuous impetus to increase their production of cars and introduce more and more variety of small cars. Several major automakers, including Maruti Udyog, Tata, Ford India, and Hyundai, are expanding their line-up or introducing their first-time offerings of alternative-fueled cars in the Indian market.

Car Market Views

The market views for all new cars are quite in the affirmative since cars are only being manufactured according to consumer needs. Following the cycle of what has been appreciated and what is expected. In India the demand is mostly for family cars (Tata Aria), keeping in mind certain criterion like compact (Chevrolet Beat), stylish (Jaguar XJ), fuel, economic, price (Chevrolet Spark) and hatch back. The demand for SUV's like Chevrolet Captiva and Sedans like Maruti Kizashi are also there but not as much as the demand for small hatch back cars. Many of the already launched CNG cars like Santro Eco and Chevrolet Aveo CNG are being highly appreciated by the Indian masses. The demand for new cars in India has forced automobile giants to go on a production spree and fulfill the needs of its Indian clients. Hence the Indian subcontinent can expect a host of new cars gliding the Indian roads this year.

Some of the new car launches in India in 2011-12 that has created revolution in Indian automobiles Market are mentioned below. Find price, technical specifications and market views by clicking them

New Sedan Launches in 2011-12

New SUV Launches in 2011-12

New Hatchback Launches in 2011-12

CNG and Green Cars launches in India in 2012

CNG cars are becoming the talk of the town. With the increasing fuel prices and decreasing petroleum reserves most of the car manufacturers are resorting to CNG engines.

Last Updated on 4/12/2012