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Fiat S.p.A originally known as Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino is an Italian financial and industrial group manufacturing automobiles and engines. Founded in 1899 Fiat today is the largest car manufacturer in Italy and the sixth largest in the world.

Fiat manufactures a range of cars spanning from small city cars to sports cars to vans and commercial trucks. Besides the Fiat Group automobiles the Fiat Group Automotive companies include the Ferrari S.p.A, Iveco S.p.A and Maserati S.p.A. Fiat is a big industrial group having more than 100 years of experience in the motor vehicle industry. With a presence in over a 190 countries automobile giants Fiat still manages to deliver the best vehicles to its brand loyal consumers. Fiat-based cars are constructed all around the world, with the largest number produced outside Italy being built in Brazil , where they are best-sellers

Fiat India & Fiat India Sales

Fiat India Automobile Limited is a 50 - 50 joint venture between Fiat S.p.A and Tata Motors incorporated in the year 1997. The company presently employs 600 employees and is located in the Ranjangaon district of Maharashtra in India. The state-of -the-art facility at Ranjangaon, has an installed capacity to produce 100,000 cars and 200,000 engines. The Fiat Tata collaboration is going great guns with the company broadening its dealership networks and introducing the concept of the 1.3 Multijet engine in quite a few of its latest models the company is all set to conquer the hearts of car lovers in India. Fiat has always been tagged as manufacturing strong and well built cars and with the introduction of the Palio and the Punto Fiat has lived up to all the expectations of the Indian consumers. However the Linea has said to have done it all for motor giants Fiat with 1512 units sold in the month of January 2010 itself. The car seems to be the current favorite of all sleek sedan car lovers in India and promises to go a long way.

The Fiat Tata collaboration seems to be paying off well with Fiat selling 2,690 cars in the month of July 2009, up from 412 sold in July 2008. Fiat India Automobile also recently announced a total growth of 33% in sales for the month of March 2010 over March 2009. Fiat India's total sales (including exports) of FIAT branded vehicles in March 2010 stood at 2,361 as compared to 1,780 vehicles sold.

List of cars manufactured by Fiat & Fiat cars price list.

Model Price List
Fiat UNO Rs 3,83,900
Fiat Petra Rs 5,72,000 - Rs 6, 08,000
Fiat Palio Rs 3,54,000 - Rs 5,99,000
Fiat Punto Rs 466,562 - Rs. 6,00,000
Fiat Linea Rs 6,34,526 - Rs 8,59,421

Fiat cars in 2010

Fiat Palio CNG: The Fiat Palio which was launched almost a decade ago is scheduled for a re-launch later this year or early next year in its CNG version. Currently Fiat sells the Palio in its petrol and diesel version. But due to a continuous rise in the price of fuel most of the automobile companies are switching over to better and cleaner fuel options. The Palio was a success in the Indian car market because of its solid exterior and powerful engine and is all ready to be launched again in 2010 in a new avatar.

Fiat Cars Reviews

Fiat Linea: The Fiat Linea launched in India in 2009 is a perfect blend of beauty, elegance, and outstanding performance along with versatile functionalities. With the launch of this car Fiat has sparked off a new revolution in its segment and challenged the success of mid-sized sedans gliding the Indian roads today. The Linea is the true epitome of elegance and style along with a 1.3-litre advanced multi-jet engine added to a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that churns out 85 bhp at 4000 rpm and a torque of 203 Nm at 2500 rpm. The Linea is typically Italian in its design with flawless interiors, safety features in tandem with the latest technologies and unmatched exterior which exudes dynamism and attitude.

Fiat Punto: Designed by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro of Italy, the Fiat Punto was given the Euro NCAP five-star rating for passenger safety. The Punto is a true epitome of style with solidarity. It is Sporty, elegant and one of the best cars in its segment at present. The interiors of the car are inspired by the Fiat Linea which lends to it a very degree of sophistication. The 1.2 litre petrol variant of Punto generates maximum power of 68 bhp at 6500 rpm and maximum torque of 96 Nm at 2500 rpm. The exciting features of the car however are its sporty grill, flared wheel arches, muscular contours, sporty dual tone interiors and sporty wide profile 195/60 R15 - 15" alloys. The car is a winner in the premium hatchback segment and has gained a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Fiat Palio Stile: The new Palio style is a slightly longer version of the original Fiat Palio. Fiat has attempted to make the Palio more acceptable as a small car, one that is affordable and fuel-efficient. The Palio Stile comes with a host of upgraded features like new front rear bumpers, bigger double barrel headlamps, new tail lamps and a restyled bonnet. The interiors are also better than the previous version with a beige and brown dual tone dashboard and comfortable seats. The Palio Stile is steadily gaining ground on the Indian soil with its solid sporty looks and performance

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