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The Volkswagen Group is a German based automobile group established in the year 1937. It is a part of the Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft which develops vehicles and components for Volkswagen and the different brands operating under it.

The Volkswagen Group is divided into two major segments, the automotive segment and the financial services division. It is a magnanimous group consisting of 342 group companies with 60 production plants across the world. In total more than 370,000 employees produce more than 26,600 vehicles annually. The company markets its cars under the brand names of Volkswagen, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Audi, Seat, and Lamborghini. It also turned out to be the largest producer of automobiles in 2009 by figures published by the economic research firm Global Insight. Although the group functions worldwide but its major markets are Europe and China and its collaboration with China has turned out to be by far the best so far with an exorbitant sales figure of almost 1 million vehicles annually.

Volkswagen in India

The German car manufacturers entered India a decade ago with the much acclaimed Skoda brand and since then they have changed the face of the Indian automobile industry with their high end technologically designed and exclusive products. With its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra (India), the Volkswagen Group is represented by three brands in India: Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda with each brand having its own character and operating as an independent entity in the market. Currently Volkswagen has an 8% market share in the Indian automobile industry. The figure is said to touch around 15% in the next 2 - 3 years because of the rise of the per capita incomes of Indians and the demand for small cars.

List of Volkswagen cars

  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Volkswagen Phaeton
  • Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen cars specifications

Model Technical Specifications Price
Volkswagen Passat 4 cylinders with engine displacement of 2000 cc
Maximum horsepower- 140 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Maximum Torque of 320 Nm @ 1750
Wheelbase of 2709 mm
Front suspension is MacPherson Strut type and rear suspension is coil springs semi axle type.
Average mileage is about 10.7 kmpl
Rs 25,00,000
Volkswagen New Polo 4 cylinders with engine displacement of 1598 cc
Maximum horsepower- 99.4 PS(98.0 bhp) (73.1 kw)
Maximum Torque of 126.0 Nm (93 ft-lb) (12.8kgm)
Wheelbase of 2460 mm
Front suspension- I.M.S.CS.
Rear suspension- I.TB.CS.
Average mileage is about 20 kmpl
Rs. 4,34,000 - Rs 7,00,000
Volkswagen Phaeton Maximum Power of 420 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
Maximum Torque of 406 lb.-ft. @ 3,250rpm
Wheelbase of 118.1 inches
6 Speed triptonic gearbox
The suspension system is standard air suspension with electronic control
Average mileage is about 16kmpl in normal city conditions.
Rs 75,000
Volkswagen Touareg 6 Cylinders with engine displacement of 2967 cc
Max. Power of 236 [email protected] rpm
Max. Torque of 550 [email protected] rpm
Both front and rear suspensions are independent double wishbone type.
Average mileage is about 9.5 kmpl in normal city conditions
Rs 55,000
Volkswagen Jetta 5 cylinders with engine displacement of 2500 cc
Maximum horsepower- 170 bhp @ 5700 rpm
Maximum Torque of 240 Nm @ 4240
Wheelbase of 2578 mm
Front suspension MacPherson Strut and stabilizer bar type and rear suspension telescopic spring type
Average mileage is about 10 kmp
Rs 12,62,244
Volkswagen Beetle 4 cylinders with engine displacement of 1984 cc
Maximum horsepower- 116 PS @ 5400 rpm
Maximum Torque of 172 Nm @ 3200
Wheelbase of 2502 mm
Front suspension is MacPherson Strut type and rear suspension is coil springs semi axle type.
Average mileage is about 10 kmp
Rs 21,47,250

Volkswagen Cars Reviews in India

Volkswagen Polo: The New Polo is best described as a young sizzling-hot flashy car. It is a brilliantly engineered car and inspired by the Tiguan and Golf car. The German car with its competitive price and obvious Volkswagen tag is sure to give the domestic automobile companies a tough competition.

Volkswagen Jetta: The Jetta was launched in India in January 2010. The Jetta is a mid size sedan and it proves that just because a car is small and reasonably priced doesn't mean it has to have an economy car feel to it. It is an epitome of luxury with elegant looks and a host of features which only add to the beauty of it.

Volkswagen Beetle: The Beetle was launched in 2009 in India. The car's ride quality, quietness, interior details, cargo room, and front seat comfort have outperformed most of the other sub-compact cars around.

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