Volkswagen Polo

The best has come with the newly launched car in India, Volkswagen New Polo. The new model that has been launched in India by the Volkswagen, guarantees the riders the ultimate comfort along with multi-function exhibit on the consumption of fuel, distance covered, range and time.

Volkswagen Polo features

  • Polo a hatchback from VW to Indian stable speaks of comfort and an aggressive addition of small car segment with high end esteemed cars With an estimated mileage of 18 Kmpl and price range of Rs 4.3-5.5 lakhs. This car is a stiff competition to all the hatchbacks in the market
  • Polo is German made Indian car
  • Look out for more features in the table below

Volkswagen Polo Technical Specifications

Model Volkswagen New Polo Technical specifications Volkswagen New Polo Price Volkswagen New Polo Market Views
Volkswagen New Polo Wheelbase - 2460 mm, 96.9 in
Length - 3897 mm 153.4 in
Width- 1650mm
Height- 1465 mm
Kerb mass - 1075kg 2370 lb
Maximum horsepower- 99.4 PS(98.0 bhp) (73.1 kw)
Maximum energy 126.0 Nm (93 ft-lb) (12.8kgm)
Cylinders- S-4
Compression ratio- 10.50:1
Front suspension- I.M.S.CS.
Rear suspension- I.TB.CS.
Front Tyre- 185/60 R 14 H
Rear Tyre- 185/60 R 14 H
Front Brake- 256 mm
Rear Brake- 232 mm
Rs. 4,34,000 - Rs 7,00,000 Volkswagen New Polo is definite to start a huge competition among the other Indian car makers with its competitive price and German tag.

volkswagen polo

Last Updated on 1/31/2012