Ford cars

History of Ford Motors

Today in the new world era, Ford Motors is a known brand. Ford Motor Company is today leading produces of automobiles all over the world. The company was founded Henry Ford on November 3, 1901 under his own name Henry Ford Company. Ford Motor Company was one of the most profitable company and one of the companies that even survived the Great Depression. The company has a history of almost 100 years, and even today the company is running successfully.

Ford Motor Company was later changed to the name of Cadillac Motors Company on August 22, 1902, that is just a year later when the company had started. Ford Motor Company is also concerned with the environmental issues, so it has always tried and uses new technology without hampering the environment much.

Ford Motors Overview

The company is a leading producer for not only cars, but also for buses, trucks and other automobile parts. The company is a globally known firm, and thus has its production centers in almost all over the world. According to the reports Ford is the fifth largest company in terms of the sales in 2010. In 2010 only Geely automobiles took over Volvo from the Ford Motor Company. In 2008 subsidiaries like Jaguar and Land Rover were also sold to the Tata Motors India. Throughout from the beginning the company has seen many ups and downs. Following are the financial reports of the company telling the annual profit or loss for Ford Motor Company since 2007:

2007-2.76 Billion
2008-14.68 Billion
20092.71 Billion-
20106.56 Billion-
201120.21 Billion-

Ford Cars manufactured in India

Ford Motor Company has many production centers throughout the world. There are almost 90 production plants of this company that are set all over the world, as it is one of the famous globally known brand of cars. There is a production plant for Ford Motor Company in India, in Tamil Nadu. Rest other plants are situated outside the country.

List of for cars in India with their current prices and specifications:

Car ModelPriceSpecification
Ford Figo Duratee Petrol LXI 1.23,79,800 (Indian Rupees)10Km/l city mileage with 5 gears and power of [email protected]
Ford Fiesta Classic LXi 1.65,63,522 (Indian Rupees)10.4Km/l mileage city, with the compression ratio of 9.75:1, and 1596cc displacement engine
Ford Fiesta style petrol8,36,265 (Indian Rupees)1499 cc displacement engine with the power of [email protected] rpm, and the models of this car are available in 7 different colors’.
Ford Endeavour 2.5L 4x217,56,495 (Indian Rupees)Alloy wheels , with the overall mileage of 9.8 Km/h, 7 person seating capacity and 2499cc displacement engine

Overall market reviews about Ford Motor Company

The overall market reviews about the company has been good. Ford Motors is a well known brand since decades. People trust and rely on the quality and reliability of its products. Ford cars are easily affordable, though there are some very expensive cars. But the Ford cars are designed in such a way that it suits everyone. So the overall market reviews about the company are excellent.

Last Updated on 3/7/2012