Honda Small car

Sensing the Indian consumer's preference for small hatch back cars the Japanese motor giants Honda have decided to launch their next four wheeler in India which would follow the concept of a small car. The new Honda small car is designed keeping in mind Honda's design principal 'Man Maximum - Machine Maximum'. The new Honda small car promises to provide futuristic design along with maximum cabin space. The Honda Small car which would probably be called the Tiff ( name not decided yet) is a five seater family car with unmatched exteriors based on front forward design lending the car a dynamic look. Honda plans to launch the by early 2011 and price it between the range of 4 - 5 lakhs. Since India is the market leader in the small cars segment Honda has decided to unveil their small concept car in the Indian market first.

Features of the Honda Small car

  • The car is specially designed making room for five people.
  • Provides better driving comfort
  • Provides better control over the car
  • It is a family car.
  • Front forward fenders highlight the presence of the vehicle
  • Would be priced below 5,00,000

Honda Small Car

Last Updated on 1/31/2012