Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited

History of Toyota Kirloskar Motor private Limited

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is one of the largest producers of automobiles in India, and hence is a much known brand of cars. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and Kirloskar Group, this joint venture between these two companies took place in 1997. Toyota Motor Corporation was founded Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937.

There is a related history behind the name of the company, but finally in August 1937 the Company was registered under the name of “Toyota Motor Company”. It was in late 1982 that Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor sales became one single company named Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited Overview

The company has been in car market for years now, and has established a brand of its own. Toyota Kirloskar is the 7th leading producers of cars in India. Gradually the company Toyota Kirloskar Motor is adopting new technologies to upgrade its production. Corolla is one of the most sold cars around the world. The Company has given employment to number of people. Toyota Kirloskar Motor has their headquarters in India, and gradually they are expanding their work stations. The overall environmental record of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited has also been satisfactory. Since the company has started, it has seen many ups and downs in terms of the finances. Following is the profit and loss for the Toyota Motor Corporation since 2007:
Year Profit Loss
2007 1.64 T -
2008 1.72 T -
2009 - 436.94 B
2010 209.46 B -
2011 408.18 B -

From the above table we can analyze that the company has a good overall record, and thus acquire great market value.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited cars manufactured in India

The headquarters of Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is situated India. The main production plant of this company is in Bidadi, in Karnataka. The company is also planning for its future expansion in Karnataka itself, further the Managing Director Hiroshi Nakagawa and vice chairman Vikram Kirloskar are also planning to expand their production centers in Bangalore.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited cars in India with current prices and specifications

Model Price Specification
Toyota Etios Liva J Toyota Etios Liva J 1197 cc displacement engine along with 4 cylinder, petrol type engine
Toyota Etios J 5,12,695 (India Rupees) 12.2Km/l average mileage, 1496 cc displacement engine, along with manual transmission
Toyota Innova 2012 2.5E MS 8 STR BS-III 8,70,582 (Indian Rupees) 2494 cc displacement engine, with the seating capacity of 8 persons, with air conditioner and steering adjustment also available
Toyota Corolla Altis 2011 1.8J 10,81,173 (Indian Rupees) 6 gears, power [email protected] rpm and torque 173 [email protected]
Toyota Camry WI (MT) 21,85,848 (Indian Rupees) Petrol type and 2366 cc displacement engine, 8.7 Km/l overall mileage with 70L tank capacity, along with the maximum speed of 199 Km/hr.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited market reviews

Toyota Kirloskar Motors is leading producers of cars in India, and thus stands at the 7th rank in the production of cars in India. The overall market reviews about this Joint venture with Toyota Motor Corporation has received good response from the people. From the good response the company has been receiving from the people, now the company is planning to expand its production by expanding its production plants, this may also lead to more job opportunities for the masses. Thus since 1997, when this joint venture came into exercise, it has been great market reviews.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012