History of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a world class known brand, mainly famous for its cars. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japan based multinational automobile manufacturing company. The company has been into this business for decades now, since 1917. Initially the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation started as a shipbuilding company. But it was later in 1937, that the company built its first sedan car. The logo for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was selected by Iwasaki Yataro, the founder of the company.

Mitsubishi India

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a world class known car brand. The company has a range for luxury cars. Along with the cars the company also produces number of other automotive parts and products. With the passage of time the company has been upgrading its technology from time to time. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is also an initiator in saving the environment from various hazards that take place due to the upgraded technology, so it has always kept in mind the environmental issues. The company has twice faced the problem of defects in its products. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has also initiated the production of mini electric cars. The company has witnessed many ups and downs in terms of its financial condition since the company has started..

Mitsubishi cars manufactured in India

Ennore near Chennai is where the production plant of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is located. Lancer is being produced in this production plant. The production and assembling plants of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are being spread throughout the world. List of Mitsubishi Cars manufactured in India is given below:
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Mitsubishi Cedia
  • Mitsubishi Pajero
  • Mitsubishi Montero
  • Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi cars specifications

Model Technical Specifications Price
Mitsubishi Lancer 12.5 Km/l overall mileage, seating capacity of 5 persons,140 Km/hr maximum speed, 1998 cc displacement engine, and with the power of 68PS @ 4500rpm Rs. 8,02,233
Mitsubishi Cedia 10.4 Km/l overall mileage, 180 Km/hr maximum speed, 1999 cc displacement engine, compression ratio 9.5:1, along with alloy wheels Rs. 9,43,490
Mitsubishi Pajero 6 person seating capacity,92 L fuel tank capacity, 150 Km/hr maximum speed, compression ratio of 21:1, 2835 cc displacement engine Rs. 21,19,039
Mitsubishi Montero 7 person seating capacity, alloy wheels, 88 L fuel tank capacity, power 165PS @ 3500rpm, and with the maximum speed of 170 Km/hr, and with 3200 cc displacement engine Rs. 40,60,723
Mitsubishi Outlander 60 L fuel tank capacity, 5 person seating capacity, 190 Km/hr maximum speed, 4 cylinder petrol engine, along with alloy wheels Rs. 20,44,889

Mitsubishi Cars Market Reviews

The overall reviews for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation are in favor of the company, though the company has witnessed the problem of some defects and flaws in its products twice, but still the company has maintained a good overall position in the car industry.

Last Updated on 4/11/2012