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Daimlerchrysler & Daimlerchrysler History

Daimler Chrysler is a well known brand of cars. Presently the company is known by another name and that is Daimler AG. Daimler Chrysler is a German based company for automobiles. The company Daimler Chrysler is a very renowned one; it is the thirteen largest producers of cars and ranks second on the list of production of trucks. Not only in cars but the company Daimler Chrysler has its stake in other businesses like as financial services. The company produces cars and trucks under different brands.
Daimler Chrysler has an old history. The company got into a mutual interest agreement with another company named Benz and Cie. In 1926 both the companies got merged and got a new name Daimler-Benz AG. And later in 2007 the Chrysler unit was sold to some other company.

Daimlerchrysler India

The company has a production plant in India and is planning to set up a new second production plant in India. The present production plant is situated in Pune. The location for the next production plant has not been decided yet.

List of cars manufactured by Mercedes in India

  • Mercedes-Benz C-class 2011 C 200 CGI
  • Mercedes-Benz E-class E220 CDI Elegance
  • Mercedes-Benz ML-class 350 CDI
  • Mercedes-Benz GL 500
  • Mercedes-Benz R class R350 4MATIC
  • Mercedes-Benz SLK class 350 blue Efficiency

Mercedes cars specifications

Model Technical Specifications Price
Mercedes-Benz C-class 2011 C 200 CGI 5 person seating capacity
66L fuel tank capacity
4 in line cylinder 1796 cc displacement engine
9.3:1 compression ratio
7 gears, alloy wheels
186PS @ 5600rpm of power, and 285Nm @ 2400rpm of torque
Rs. 29,74,059
Mercedes-Benz E-class E220 CDI Elegance 5 person seating capacity
2143 cc displacement engine
4 in line cylinder
172PS @ 3000rpm of power, 400Nm @ 2800rpm of torque
80 L fuel tank capacity
alloy wheels
5 gears, and along with automatic transmission
Rs. 38,58,419
Mercedes-Benz ML-class 350 CDI 8.2 Km/L overall mileage
95 L fuel tank capacity
5 person seating capacity
2987 cc displacement engine
243PS @ 3800rpm of power, and 533Nm @ 1600rpm of torque
automatic transmission
Rs. 55,64,721
Mercedes-Benz GL 500 100 L fuel tank capacity
7 person seating capacity
alloy wheels
17.7:1 compression ratio
7 gears, 8 cylinders
5961 cc displacement engine
393PS @6000rpm of power, along with the torque of 530Nm @ 2800rpm
Rs. 81,38,944
Mercedes-Benz R class R350 4MATIC 80 L fuel tank capacity
7 person seating capacity
10.7:1 compression ratio
3498 cc displacement engine
272PS @ 6000rpm of power and 350Nm @ 2400rpm of torque
6 cylinders, 7 gears, along with the alloy wheels
Rs. 61,66,993
Mercedes-Benz SLK class 350 blue Efficiency 2 person seating capacity
60 L fuel tank capacity
3498 cc displacement engine
6 cylinder, 12:1 compression ratio
alloy wheels
306PS @6500rpm of power and 370Nm @ 3500rpm of torque
Rs. 62,59,500

Mercedes Cars Market Reviews

Mercedes Benz C Class:The Mercedes Benz C Class is a little expensive considering its overall features and is also the most basic Mercedes-Benz sold in India. Considering it as a biggest and most famous luxury car in India, it is a perfect car for those want to enhance their status in society. It also has a better resale value than most of its competition. Weather you drive it yourself for fun or your chauffer drives it for you while going to office, this is the Mercedes you would like to have in this price tag.

Mercedes Benz E Class: The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a mini-S Class in terms of its design, comfort and features. This car competes with the BMW 5-series, the Audi A6 and the Volvo S80 infact it stand out of these three if someone compares it for features, resale value and brand name in India.

Mercedes Benz GL:The Mercedes-Benz GL at Rs 70 lakhs with most of the bells and whistles is a great large SUV to go for, considering the prestige of owning a three-pointed star which adds on, when compared to the other German and Japanese SUV that are available in this price range. It has excellent Driving Dynamics with superior design and interiors.

Last Updated on 4/11/2012