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About Tata Motors Limited

With 2% of annual turnover being spend on research and development activities, Tata Motors Limited aims at delivering improved and environmentally sound technology for a better tomorrow. The group has recently established two domestic Engineering Research Centres in India that constitutes licensed Crash Test service.

Tata Motors is the biggest automobile firm of India with combined profits of Rs.70, 938.85 crores registered in FY 2008-09. The group has spread its operations in international markets such as Thailand, UK, Spain and South Korea with the support of its associate firms. Among many of its sub-ordinates, Tata Motors Limited has industrial tie-up with Jaguar Land Rover, a joint venture between two renowned British trademarks.

Standing tall at the first position in terms of commercial vehicles and third in passenger vehicles, Tata Motors delivers more than 4 million vehicles for its domestic customers. In terms of truck and bus manufacturing, it is the fourth and second biggest, respectively, in the world

Tata Motors Limited growth in 2010

In February 2010, Tata Motors Group's international sales witnessed a growth of 59% against the figures of February 2009. The products which registered sales of 89,768 units are Tata Daewoo, Tata passenger vehicles, Land Rover, Hispano Carrocera and Jaguar.

For the FY 2009 - 2010, the aggregate sales were higher by 17% and stood at 771,238 against the growth registered in 2008-09.

Commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles sales in February 2010 were 42,660 units and 47,108 units respectively. It can also be translated as 70% growth in the commercial vehicles sales and 50% in passenger vehicles sales.

Collective Commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles sales for FY 2009-10 are 365,120 units and 406,118 units respectively.

Jaguar Land Rover international sales witnessed 55% growth in 2010 at 17,197 units, while Land Rover sales went 62% higher at 13,905 units. However, the collective Jaguar Land Rover sales for 2009-10 declined by 16% and stood at 170,444 units.

Tata Motors Limited - Indian Products

Passenger Cars

Model Technical specification Market price
Tata Indica V2 DLE BSII Piston dislocation - 1405 cc.
Highest Torque - 85 Nm @ 2500 rpm
Compression Ratio - 22:1
Maximum Output - 53.5 PS @ 5500 rpm
Rs 3,41,647
Tata Indigo CS GLE Max. Horsepower (bhp/rpm) : [email protected] 5000 rpm
Minimum Turning Radius: 5.0 meter
Max. Torque: [email protected] 2500rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 42 liter
Rs 3,72,954.00
Tata Indigo Marina GLS - BS III Dual beam headlamps
Trunk space: 670 litres adaptable to 1370 litres.
Expedient power socket: 12V DC
Three-link self-regulating rear suspension
LCD screens
Rs. 4.60-5.60 Lacs
Indigo Manza Max. Horsepower: 95 PS @ 6000 rpm
Max. Torque: 122 Nm @ 4600 rpm
Engine Displacement 1339 cc
Rs 4,80,000 - 6,75,000
Indica V2 Turbo Piston Displacement: 1405 cc
Maximum Output: 62 PS @ 4500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 13 kgm @ 2500 rpm
Rs 3.49 lakh to Rs 4.88 lakh
Tata Indica V2 Xeta GL Piston Displacement: 1396 cc.
Maximum Output: 68 PS @ 4500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 12.5 kgm @ 2500 rpm
Rs 2,70,603
Tata Indigo XL Max. Horsepower: 101 PS @ 6100 rpm
Max. Torque: 124 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Rs. 5.30-7.00 Lacs
Tata Nano Integrated Front Seat Headrests
Driver Seat with Slider
Mileage : 20-22 Kmpl
Compression ratio: 9.7:1
Acceleration: 0-60 kmph: 8 secs
Rs 1.12 lakh
Tata Sumo Grande Engine Displacement: 2179 cc
Max. Horsepower: 120 PS @ 4000 rpm
Max. Torque: 250 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Top Performance Speed: 148 Km/Hour
Rs. 6,70,046

Utility Vehicles

Model Technical specification Market price
Tata Safari Dicor
Max. Output: 140 @ 4000 rpm
Max. Torque: 320 @ 1700-2700 rpm
Engine Capacity: 2179 cc
Rs 1,179,228
Tata Sumo Victa Engine Displacement: 1948 cc
Max. Horsepower: 90 PS @ 2800 rpm
Max. Torque: 190 Nm @ 1800 rpm
Maximum velocity: 134 Km/Hour
Rs 5.0-6.0 Lacs
Tata Indicruz 2.2 Litre Dicor Engine
Modish Exteriors and interiors
Rs. 10 lakh

Defence Vehicles

Tata 407 (4 x 4) Soft Top Troop Carrier
Tata LPT 709 E Hard Top Troop Carrier
Tata LPTA 1621 TC (6 x6)
Tata LPTA 1615 TC (4 x2)
Tata SD 1015 TC (4 x4)
Tata 407 / (4 x2) Hard Top Troop Carrier
Tata LPTA 1615 TC (4 x 4)
Tata LPTA 713 TC (4 x4)

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