Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles form an essential part of the Indian automobile industry. They are manufactured in various models and designs, and are used for transporting industrial outputs and other commodities to their allocated destinations.

Commercial Vehicles Industry in India has witnessed speedy growth post independence and at present is considered as one of the flourishing sector of Indian economy. As per statistics, the expansion in commercial vehicles sales in 2009 stood at 92.6% besides witnessing a decline in product prices by 20% in the first quarter of FY 10 assisting the CV industry growth.

The steady development in Commercial Vehicles Industry has lead to cutthroat rivalry among the various Commercial Vehicles Manufacturers in India. To survive in the competitive market every CV manufacturer is coming up with something new yet affordable to meet the Indian market requirement. A customer can now select among the various commercial vehicle deluging the markets in reasonable rates.

Major Commercial vehicle Manufacturers in India

The key players in the heavy commercial vehicles sector in India are:

Tata Motors: Leading commercial vehicles manufacturer, Tata Motors offers an array of CVs namely, Tata Se 1613, Tata Sk 1613, Tata LPT 1613, etc. The company provides an assortment of other alternatives and modifications for the buyers. The player has an industrial joint venture with the Russian based internationally acknowledged CV manufacture, Volvo. In associated with Volvo, Tata Motors has introduced Volvo FH12-340 and Volvo FH12-420 for its Indian customers.

Tata Motors has the credit of being Indian foremost firm to indigenous automobile, besides manufacturing Luxury Buses, Tractors and Trucks under Commercial vehicle sector.

Popular Tata Motors Passenger & Utility Vehicles:

Model Technical specification Market price
Tata Indica V2
Highest Torque - 85 Nm @ 2500 rpm
Maximum Output - 53.5 PS @ 5500 rpm
Rs 3,41,647
Tata Indigo
Max. Horsepower (bhp/rpm) : [email protected] 5000 rpm
Minimum Turning Radius: 5.0 meter
Max. Torque: [email protected] 2500rpm
Rs 3,72,954.00
Indigo Manza Max. Horsepower: 95 PS @ 6000 rpm
Max. Torque: 122 Nm @ 4600 rpm
Rs 4,80,000 - 6,75,000
Tata Indicruz 2.2 Litre Dicor Engine
Modish Exteriors and interiors
Rs. 10 lakh
Tata Nano Mileage : 20-22 Kmpl
Ratio of Density: 9.7:1
Acceleration: 0-60 kmph in 8 secs
Rs 1.12 lakh
Tata Sumo Grande Max. Horsepower: 120 PS @ 4000 rpm
Max. Torque: 250 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Top Speed: 148 Km/Hour
Rs. 6,70,046

Ashok Leyland: Initiated in 1948, Ashok Leyland has always been associated with tie-ups with renowned conglomerates. Since its initiation the sector has manufactured around 375,000 vehicles for its customers giving a tough competition to Tata Motors. The firm has launched vehicles like Hippo Tipper, Cargo 1512, Comet Tipper, Cargo 909, etc. in the market and is incessantly working on enhanced versions and attributes on its commercial vehicles.

Popular Ashok Leyland Vehicles:

Model Technical specification
Viking BS - III (Bus) Max. Power: 167 PS @ 2400 rpm
Max. Torque: 55 Mkg @ 1500 rpm
Max speed: 75 kmph
Lynx BS-II (Bus) Max Power: 120 PS @ 2500 rpm
Max Torque: 40 kgm @ 1600 rpm
Max Speed: 83 Kmph
3516 H / AL (Tractor) Max Power: 165HP @ 2400 rpm / 160HP @ 2400 rpm
Max Torque: 550NM @ 1200 - 1600 rpm / 575NM @ 1080 rpm
Beaver Haulage (Special Vehicle) Max. Power: 238 ps @ 2200 rpm
Max. Torque: 95 kgm @ 1300 - 1500 rpm
Max speed: 55.8 kmph
Hippo Tipper (Special Vehicle) Max. Power: 238 ps @ 2200 rpm
Max. Torque: 95 kgm @ 1300 - 1500 rpm
Max speed: 67 kmph

Swaraj Mazda: A north India CV producer, Swaraj Mazda is a tie-up between Swaraj and Japanese auto manufacturer Mazda and has product like Super ZT 54 to its credit.

Popular Swaraj Mazda Vehicles:

Model Technical specification
T3500/WT48D (Ambulance) Max. gradability: 0.44
Min. Turning Radius: 5.5m
Fuel Tank Capacity: 90 Ltr.
WT-50LWB (Bus) Max. gradability: 0.32
Min. Turning Radius: 7.6 m
Fuel Tank Capacity: 90 Ltr.
WV-26 (Bus) Max. gradability: 0.35
Min. Turning Radius: 5.5 m
Fuel Tank Capacity: 90 Ltr.
Super High Deck (truck) Max. gradability: 0.18
Min. Turning radius: 6.4 m

Eicher: One of the major commercial vehicles manufacturers, Eicher boasts of its reasonably priced range of trucks and buses. It has introduced a range of Eicher 10.90 and Eicher 10.70 for its domestic customers.

Popular Eicher Vehicles:

Model Technical specification
Eicher 10.50 (Truck) Direct Injection
Max. Power (DIN) 90 PS / 3200 rpm
Max. Torque (DIN) 21.9 kgm / 2100 rpm
Eicher 15.16 (Truck) Max. Speed: 84 Kmph
Max. Torque: 41 Kgm @ 1400 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 220 Ltr
Eicher Starline (School Bus) Max Power: 70 KW(95 HP) @ 3200 rpm- BSII
Max Torque: 10.50--> 275 Nm (28 Mkg) @ 2100 rpm
Engine Displacement: 3298 cc
Eicher Starline Route Permit Bus Max Power: 70 KW(95 HP) @ 3200 rpm-
Max Torque: 299.5 Nm (30Mkg) @ 1440 rpm

Bajaj Tempo: Besides two-wheelers, Bajaj Tempo also produces tremendously strong heavy commercial vehicles to suit the Indian roads. The tempos manufactured by the firm helps in delivering sizeable loads to their destinations and also act as a reasonable option to the ubiquitous travelers.

Popular Bajaj Tempo Vehicles:

Model Technical specification
Minidor 3-Seater Autorickshaw Powerful Engine: 499 cc
Fuel tank capacity: 9 litre
Halo lamps
Minidor CNG Pickup Heavy duty rear suspension
Hold Size 1940 X 1440 X 1215.
self-regulating hydraulic brakes
Traveller Luxury (LCV Passenger Carrier) Power steering
Lens headlamps
Luxurious seating
Balwan 400 540 or 1000 rpm speed
No brake lining substitute
Continuous battery charging

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