Swaraj Vehicles

Swaraj Vehicles Ltd was incorporated in July 1983. In the year 1984, Mazda Motor Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation, Japan collaborated for the manufacture of Light Commercial Vehicles.

Swaraj Mazda represents two powerful brands: Swaraj, which symbolizes best Indian technology and engineering and Mazda that symbolizes research and development on global scale. Today it manufactures goods and passenger vehicles.

Swaraj Mazda products are

  • Super High-Deck Truck
  • Swaraj 4 Wheel Drive
  • Premium Truck
  • Sartaj
  • Bus
  • School Bus
  • Ambulance
  • CNG Bus
  • Fire Brigades
  • Water Tanks

Swaraj Mazda In News

  • Swaraj Mazda Ltd has appointed Yash Mahajan as its Managing Director.

Last Updated on 1/2/2012