Bajaj Pulsar 135cc Bikes

The Bajaj pulsar series generally ranges from 150 cc to 220 cc and everyone has witnessed the engine capacity of these bikes. So Bajaj Auto thought of doing something different and memorable. The launch of the Bajaj pulsar 135cc introduced a combination of power efficiency and style. With the launch of low engine Bajaj pulsar 135cc definitely male bike Baja Auto has managed to target the younger boys of the country who would find it easier to handle it since it is lighter but sports almost the same look of its heavier versions.

Features of Bajaj pulsar 135 cc

  • Electric start with auto chokes
  • Short Sliced Silencer
  • Sharp Turn Indicators
  • Refined Engine
  • Enhanced volume of air-fuel mixture with efficient combustion
  • ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) technology for the exhaust technology.

Technical specifications of Bajaj pulsar 135 cc

Model Technical Specifications Price Market overview
Bajaj Pulsar 135cc 4 stroke, air cooled, 4- valve, single cylinder, DTS-i engine with displacement of 134.66 cc
Maximum Power of 13.4 @ 9000 rmp
Maximum torque : 11.4 @ 7500
Wheelbase is 1325 mm
Telescopic front suspension with anti friction bushes and Nitrox rear suspension
Average mileage is about 68.1 kmpl
Rs 51,000 With the market value of Rs51000, the 135cc bike is quite a revved up vehicle with mileage know for DTsi engines

Pulsar 135

Last Updated on 1/9/2012