Harley-Davidson SuperLow

About Harley Davidson SuperLow

Harley Davidson SuperLow is one of the best bikes for the bike-enthusiasts in smaller budget. It is more suitable for the people who are not very conversant with bikes.

Harley-Davidson SuperLow Features

  • It is designed in such a way that it is easy to maintain and hassle free.

  • The reduced diameter of front and rear wheel makes it easy to handle and easy to maintain low speeds.

  • It not only looks comfortable, with a low seating position, it is actually made in such as way that it adds to your comfort.

  • It has suspensions which determine the right posture and cushioning buffer action. It also dampens the shock and suppresses vibration to provide you a smooth ride.

  • Because of its low position, which the novices find a little odd to handle, the Harley Davidson engineers have kept the bike’s handlebars easy to reach.

  • The turning radius is kept tighter to maintain the handle in the straight position. Apart from that its center of gravity is kept too low, so that the heavy machine could be controlled easily.

  • The left and right lean angles of the bike are less than 25 degrees.

  • The seat height is also low. It has very effective brakes with bigger dual piston.

With all these features and an excellent engine, it can go long distances without any disruption. The bigger fuel tank is also meant for long rides. The smooth suspension system makes travel an experience to cherish.

Technical specifications of Harley Davidson variants


Harley Davidson Superlow

  • Displacement: 883cc
  • Engine: 883cc, Evolution
  • Maximum Torque: 75 Nm @ 3500 rpm
  • Gears: 6 Manual
  • Bore: 76
  • Stroke: 96
  • Valve Per Cylinder: 2
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooling
Rs. 6,50,000

Harley Davidson Dyna

  • Displacement: 1584cc
  • Engine: 1584cc, twin cam 96b
  • Max Torque: 125 nm with 3000 rpm
  • Gears: 6 manual gears
  • Bore: 95
  • Stroke: 112
  • Cooling type: Air cooling
Rs. 12,50,000

Last Updated on 6/15/2012