Bajaj Auto

The largest exporter of two and three wheelers, Bajaj Auto Ltd, came into being in the year 1945. One of the principal automobile manufacturers in India, Bajaj Auto was established as M/s Bachraj Trading Company Private Limited. During the earlier years of Bajaj Auto, the company was involved in selling imported two and three wheelers in India.

Bajaj Auto went public in 1960, after the company was given the license to produce two and three wheelers by the Government of India in 1959. While the year 1961 saw the beginning of production of scoters by Bajaj Auto, 1962 is a witness to the beginning of the three-wheelers production. Presently, Bajaj Auto is one of the largest manufacturers of two-wheelers and three wheelers in the world.

The fourth largest maker of two and three wheelers in the world, Bajaj Auto, is operating in 50 countries that includes countries in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia. Headed by Rahul Bajaj, Bajaj Auto, over the last decade has earned a new image from a manufacturer of scooter to two wheeler manufacturer. Bajaj Auto was ranked at 1946 in the Forbes Global 2000 list in the year 2005. The wide range of automobiles manufactured by Bajaj Auto includes mopeds and scooterettes, motorcycles, three wheelers and scooters.

One of the most popular vehicles manufactured by Bajaj Auto is Pulsar, which has been dominating the motorcycle market in India for years. Discover DTSi is another product of Bajaj Auto, which has become successful on Indian roads. The technical collaboration of Bajaj Auto with the Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Japan in 1986, led to the manufacturing of successful and a wide range of latest two- wheelers in India, like the KB series, Boxer, $S and $S Champion, Wind125 and the Caliber series. With a yearly production of more than 1.35 billion units, Bajaj Auto is a market leader.

Last Updated on 4/12/2012