Hero Honda Bikes

Hero Honda Motors Limited is a joint venture between the Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan. Hero Honda Motors Limited has been the world's largest two wheeler manufacturing company since 2001.

Hero Honda has been successful in giving the people of India what they want, a fuel efficient yet powerful 100 cc motorcycle. The company resulted due to a union of the largest bicycle manufacturers and the largest motorcycle producers in India in 1983.The collaboration between the hero Honda group and Honda motors of Japan in 1985 resulted in the production of world class two wheelers at affordable prices. With a never failing vision and determination hero Honda is almost at the verge of fulfilling the 2 million production mark in the last 25 years. Hero Honda has managed to keep the tag of the world's largest two wheeler manufacturing company from the last 8 years. The company has successfully crossed the ten million unit's production mark in the last 19 years. The Honda group is responsible for creating world-class manufacturing facilities with robust processes, building the supply chain, setting up an extensive distribution networks and providing insights into the mind of the Indian customer whereas Honda is responsible providing technical know how, design specifications and Research & Development innovations.

In the year 2008 - 2009 Hero Honda has sold 3.28 million bikes earning a net profit of Rs 1281.7 crore. Hero Honda introduced the Splendor in 2004 which became the largest selling two wheelers in the world. Honda motorcycles are known for their low maintenance and high fuel efficiency. Hero Honda is recognized as one of the most successful joint ventures of the world from producing scooters like the Pleasure to bikes like the CBZ and Hunk. The company was awarded with the Two-wheeler Manufacturer of the Year' by NDTV Profit Car & Bike Awards 2009. Hero Honda is on a roll and promises to keep up with the standards that it has set for itself.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012