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About Ducati

Ducati was actually founded by three Ducati brothers Adriano, Marcello and Bruno Ducati in Bologna Italy. Initially they made vacuum tubes, condensers and radio components. They launched a full-fledged factory in Bologna in 1935. The World War II began and the factory became its target several times, but Ducati brothers continued the production.

In 1946, Aldo Farinelli created an engine called Cucciolo in Italy. It was attached to a simple bicycle. Ducati decided to revamp it to make it a 125cc motor. In the meantime Ducati factory was ruined in the World War. Despite the loss, they continued the production with the financial help from the Italy government. After noticing the superb success of Cucciolos, Ducati introduced its Cucciolo based motorcycle in 1950. This was a 60cc lightweight motorcycle, which had its top speed of 65 kmph.

Ducati Bikes Models

Ducati is known for its light weight single-cylinder sports bikes. In the early 1970s, Ducati hit the market with its V-Twin sports bikes. By that time, Ducati had earned a name for itself producing world class racing bikes. Ducati's state of the art bikes were participating in the major international racing championships.

Later on, Ducati revolutionized the auto market by introducing a 175cc Cruiser in 1952. This bike for the first time featured automatic transmission and electric starter. In 2007, The Multistrada became the Hypermotard. In the same year, Casey Stoner won the world title in grand prix, the MotoGP. It was assessed as a direct result of Ducati�s move to introduce the new 800cc formula. The Desmosedici model was found great in terms of mileage.

� In 2011, Ducati launched the Diavel; the powerful bike shook the automobile market. It was an improved version of Cruiser, the Indiana and it received a warm welcome by the bike lovers and industry circles.

Recently, in a breakthrough move, Valentino Rossi joined Ducati MotoGP team. He was earlier working with Yamaha. Ducati has excellent range of models in almost all segments of bikes such as:
  • StreetFighter
  • Supersport
  • SportClassic
  • Monster
  • Superbike
  • Multistrada
  • Hypermotard.

Last Updated on 6/15/2012