Automobiles Components

Indian Automobile Components Industry has been making rapid strides towards achievement of world-class Quality Systems by imbibing ISO 9000/QS 9000 Quality Systems. Till now 230 companies in ACMA membership have been certified to ISO 9000 and 87 companies have been certified to QS 9000 and 4 companies awarded to ISO 14000.

The industry has been exporting more than 10% of its output for the last few years. In the year 1999-2000, industry has exported US$ million 396 versus US$ million 333 in year 1998-99. Principal export items include replacement parts, tractor parts, motorcycle parts, piston rings, gaskets, engine valves, fuel pump nozzles, fuel injection parts, filter & filter elements, radiators, gears, leaf springs, brake assemblies & bearings, clutch facings, head lamps, auto bulbs & halogen bulbs, spark plugs and body parts.

India has a good network of manufacturers of Auto components and spares spread all over the country. These component manufactures also manufacture all kinds of parts for all Indian vehicles apart from Japanese, German & Continental Vehicles. They have the capability to design as per client's specification / drawing to provide them quality service.

International standards are also kept in mind while producing these products. Best quality materials are used so as to meet the international standards. The list varies from Alternator Assemblies, Alternator Stators Coils, Alternator Rotors/Coils, Alternator Rectifiers, Alternator Regulators, Alternator Carbon Brushes, Alternator Vaccum Pump, Blades, Alternator Plastic Insulators, Starter Assemblies, Starter Armatures, Starter Components, Electronic Relays, Timer Relays, Signal Flashers, Heater Glow Plugs, Tie Rod Ends & Ball Joints, Engine Mounting, Suspension Rubber Bushing, Clutch Plate & Covers Assy, Gaskets, Radiators, Universal Cross Assembly, Couplings, Propeller Shaft Assy, Fly Wheel Ring Gears, Brake Parts, Nut & Bolts, Jacks, Bearings, Plastic Gears, Bearing Housings, Wheel Spanners, Filters (Oil, Air, Fuel), Diesel Pump Parts, Automobile Acessories like Wheel Caps, Car Speakers, Fog Lights, Car Care Products, CAR AC PARTS, Car AC Condenser, Car Cooling Coil, Car AC Hoses, Car Reciver Drier, FLCD Kit and Car Batteries.

The Indian automobile in striding inroads into the rural middle class after its inroads into the Urban markets and rural rich. It is trying to bring in varying products to suit requirements of different class segments of customers.

Last Updated on 1/3/2012