Buying Used Car

Second hand cars can be searched for at three locations:
  • From dealers who sell both new and used cars.
  • From a Second Hand Car dealer who deals in only used cars.
  • From individual owners.

Why buy a Used Car?

The most credible answer is that used cars are cheap. So, be it your first car or the dream vehicle that you always wanted to buy, but had little money, the solution is to hunt out a used one. With large number of new models flooding the market every year, buying used car has never been this good.

But then, buying a used car carries a certain degree of risk as well. After all, with a new car you get the peace of mind that no one has driven the vehicle carelessly or failed to have it maintained on a regular basis. And, if something does go wrong, the vehicle is under warranty-at least for a period of time. These safeties are not usually included in the purchase of a used one. You might have very little chances to know what kind of a past life the car has had.

Nonetheless, buying used car need not be as fraught with anxiety and terror as one might think. For starters, you should know where to look, what to look for, and, most important, how to look. The entire process needs a lot of time and perseverance, so be prepared to do a thorough research. Follow all the guidelines and tips and soon you will be driving the car of your dreams, secure in the knowledge that you paid a fair price for your new set of wheels.

Selecting A Used Car:

Before you begin your used car search, spend some time considering some factors like:
  • What car you are you looking for?
  • What is your budget for the purchase, (including car insurance, repairs, operation and maintenance)?
  • How will you use the car , and
  • How long do you plan to keep it?
Since there are a large number of options available in the used car market, you may find it difficult in narrowing down the search. Decide on the car according to your lifestyle and the use you are planning to put it to, and while you are at it, anticipate future changes as well; after all, you might want to own it for many more years. Talk to friends or acquaintances driving cars that appeal to you, for word of mouth is often the best way to gather information about reliability or quirks of certain cars.

The best bet is to look for something almost new-two years or younger. You could get a real good deal because there are plenty of car owners who don't want to be seen in a 'yesterday's model'. Such a car needs less expenditure on repairs and maintenance as compared to older cars .

Buying a middle-aged car (3-5 years old) that has been treated well by its owner could be a great deal. cars that have logged 14,000 to 18,000 km a year are prime buys. Many of these cars can be bought at good bargains.

Cars flogged badly by chauffeurs or heavily used ones are like buying trouble. Simply checking the odometer reading is not always a reliable check for the mileage. A car with low mileage, but with a lot of wear on the driver's seat or the brake and accelerator, may indicate tampering with the odometer.

Locating A Used Car:

It's prudent to buy a used car whose history is known to you. It could be your relative's, friend's, or neighbor's vehicle. This way you would have some assurance of the car's history. You know they have traveled from home to work and even the number of accidents they have met! Taking it to a mechanic would give you the final idea of the condition and price.

But then, in case you are not that lucky to find a known and willing seller, don't worry. There are a number of other avenues from where buying used cars is simple and trustworthy.

Last Updated on 1/3/2012