Car Care Tips

Your car is most expensive property next to your house, so it's a one's duty to do more than just regular maintenance and checkups. Your car needs some extra care because according to a survey most car/motor vehicle accidents take place because of improper car care. Here are some tips to take good care of your car.

Daily Car Care Tip #10
Before starting your car always check for air in your tires. Always keep car's tires properly inflated and aligned. Underinflated tires cause fuel consumption to increase by six percent and also effect car's suspension adversely.
Daily Car Care Tip #9
Before driving watch for warning lights, note performance changes and listen to your car - any changes or unusual noises are worth having checked before a more serious fault develops.
Daily Car Care Tip #8
To keep your car’s air-conditioning system fit for the next warm season, run it a few times throughout the winter. This will prevent moving parts in the compressor from seizing. Also, circulating the refrigerant will help keep the seals soft and pliant.
Daily Car Care Tip #7
Engine oil should be changed or replenished, and all vehicle fluids and lubricants should be checked and changed at factory-recommended intervals to make sure they’re fresh and filled to the recommended levels.
Daily Car Care Tip #6
While taking your car for servicing or for repair, never tell a mechanic how much you're willing to spend on the car. Arrive at a figure, and tell the garage to call you if it exceeds that amount. Also never tell the mechanic that he can have the car for as long as he wants.