Car Care Tips

Your car is most expensive property next to your house, so it's a one's duty to do more than just regular maintenance and checkups. Your car needs some extra care because according to a survey most car/motor vehicle accidents take place because of improper car care. Here are some tips to take good care of your car.

Daily Car Care Tip #5
For your own safety, it's important to check your brake pads or shoes. These can deteriorates due to being clamped against the disc or pushed against the drum when the brakes are applied. Also check for fluid leaks caused by damaged brake pipes or worn seals which could result in brake failure.
Daily Car Care Tip #4
Air filters are inexpensive, but when they get dirty they can seriously reduce your fuel economy, and result in a fine for failing a roadside emissions test. Dirty air filters should be removed as soon as possible. It's an easy job to do but check the handbook if you are unsure, or alternatively take it to a garage.
Daily Car Care Tip #3
Buy Petrol or Diesel at the reputed Fuel Station only. You can ask for the purity meter in case you find any doubt in fuels purity. Find a station you trust and stick to it.
Daily Car Care Tip #2
Do not allow your new car to idle for long periods — this is good advice for the life of your car, but especially during breakin. The oil pressure generated by doing so may not be sending oil to every part of your engine.
Daily Car Care Tip#1
During the break-in period, typically the first 1,000 miles (1,600 km), keep your speed under 55 mph (88 kpm) or to the speed recommended by your car’s manufacturer. This will keep your engine healthy for long period and will increase car's fuel efficiency.