Automobile Inventions

Automobile Inventions

The automobile industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. With the continuous advancement of technologies new inventions in the automobile industry is only paving the way for more and more technologically superior and sophisticated vehicles. This in turn is forcing the automobile companies to implement these latest technologies in their vehicles in order to have an edge over competitors. The Indian automobile industry is on a high and hence there is immense competition because everyone wants to be the best whether it is the domestic players or foreign players who have their manufacturing units in India. Latest technologies are being equipped into the vehicle. Even the dearth and rising prices of traditional fuel have given the automobile companies reason enough to introduce electric cars and alternate fuel vehicle.

Latest Automobiles Inventions in India

Latest technologies invented to improve the engine of a vehicle.

Common Rail Direct Injection Engine (CRDI)

The Common Rail Direct Injection offers 25% more power than the normal direct injection and makes better use of the fuel by breaking up the fuel into small particles and making optimum use of it. The CRDI engine has provided a tremendous boost to diesel engines.

Multi Point Fuel Injection Engine (MPFI)

This technology sticks to stricter auto emission norms and manages to squeeze out the maximum benefit of the fuel by making optimum use of even the last drop of petrol or diesel and providing the vehicle with a great mileage.

Latest technologically superior cars

Solar Power Car by Toyota: Global automobile giants Toyota already have designed a car air conditioner running on solar power and now they have taken a great leap and are about to design a car that runs on solar power. The car will be having fixed solar panels on the roofs of the car. This would result in a real revolution in the history of automobile inventions doing away totally with the cost of fuels and emissions.

Electric Cars: The Reva India's first battery car was launched recently after 13 years of research and development. The concept of the battery car was introduced mainly to have a pollution free environment. The Reva is a small car carrying a price tag of Rs 2,99,000 and a fuel efficiency of 80 kms per charge. The life of the battery of the Reva is 120 kms per charge. The company has managed to sell 2,500 units already and still hopes to upgrade the Reva for higher sales figures and a green environment

Driverless cars: Driverless cars also known as autopilot, autonomous vehicle or auto-drive car are intelligent vehicles because of the simple fact that they drive themselves, to put it in a better way they actually do not require drivers to drive them. These vehicles navigate the roads themselves and give you a taxi experience.

Latest inventions in automobile components

In Car Journey Recorder: The latest inventions by Nikkai is the in car journey recorder. This is meant to be placed of the windshield of the car. The journey recorder is a video recorder which records in front of you while you are driving. This is mainly meant to come of use during accidents. It will benefit in the accessibility of loss incurred due to accident and also if you are being accused even if you are not at fault.

Smart Pedal Technology: The brake override or Smart pedal technology is a system which is built into the car to prevent fatal accidents. The computer system known as the smart pedal tells the engine to disregard the accelerator if the brake and the gas pedal are pushed at the same time. Companies like Mercedes and BMW have been using this technology for quite some time now and soon General Motors are introducing the smart pedal in India as well.

5 Star Shine: This is a unique paint protection system that keeps your car clean for five years. It has been tested and has managed to survive 150 washings. This paint protection system increases the exterior life span of the car.

Last Updated on 1/3/2012