Bentley Motors Limited

Bentley Motors History

Bentley Motors Limited was founded by Walter Owen Bentley on 18 January 1919, and is a British based manufacturers of automobiles. Bentley Motors Limited was initially famous for rotary aero-engines in World War I. Volkswagen Group in Germany own this business since 1998. Before the setup of this brand Walter Owen Bentley was in partnership with his brother H.M. Bentley but he always wanted to design and create a car range on his name. Bentley motors were taken over by Rolls Royce in November 1931 for a sum of 125,000 Euros after a sealed bid auction. A whole new firm was formed once the Bentley was taken over by Rolls Royce by the name of Bentley Motors Ltd.

Bentley Motors Overview

Bentley Motors use latest and highly equipped technology for the production of their car models. The financial condition of this company is quite good. The financial section of this company is divided into different sections; each section has different work to do. There is an enormous increase in the volume of the production from 2,000 in 2003 to 10,000 in 2007. In this company there is one different department for information systems. This department assists the needs of the customers. In Bentley Motors the production of the cars is not an easy task. The head department for the production of the cars is the production technical team which is further divided into sub departments. There is also a purchasing department that provides link between the Bentley Motors and their suppliers. The sales and marketing department plays an important role in the overall development of this firm. There is an increase in the production so as in the profit margins of the company. The profit and loss of the company for the year 2007, 08 and 09 are given below:

2007155 million Euros-
2008Operating profit 10 Million Euros-
2009-Operating loss 194 Million Euros

Production of Bentley cars

There is no production centre for Bentley cars in India. Bentley cars are basically manufactured in Germany but the car is assembled at the Crewe plant in England.

Specifications of Bentley Motors

Few of the car prices with certain specific features are given below:

Details of different Models of Bentley Motors:

Car ModelPriceSpecifications
Bentley Arnage R2,25,00,000/- Indian RupeesMaximum speed is 270Km/h
Bentley Arnagr RL2,50,00,000/- Indian Rupees8 cylinders with V type engine
Bentley Azure3,99,00,000/- Indian RupeesPetrol engine with automatic transmission
Bentley Brookland3,80,00,000/- Indian RupeesLongitudinal front engine
Bentley Continental Flying Spur1,70,00,000/- Indian RupeesNo turbo and super charger
Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed2,00,00,000/- Indian Rupees12 cylinder and petrol engine
Bentley Continental GT1,65,00,000/- Indian RupeesE85 fuel-flex capability engine
Bentley Continental GTC2,20,50,000/- India RupeesD+ segment car with fuel flex engine
Bentley Muslanne 6.82,90,00,000/- Indian RupeesV type petrol engine with the maximum speed of 296 Km/h

Bentley Motors Market Reviews

The overall market reviews about the cars are excellent. Bentley cars are expensive and are not affordable by many, only luxurious cars are made under this brand. Those who own a Bentley car are satisfied with it. This brand has its own identity in market.

Last Updated on 2/16/2012