Hybrid Cars

Defined as vehicles that run using two or more power, hybrid cars mainly depend on its storage system of rechargeable energy. This rechargeable energy storage system replaces fossil fuel energy for thrusting the vehicle. The term also refers to an automobile that makes use of a mixture of various fuels like ethanol and petroleum. Of the different types of hybrid vehicles that are entering the market, the hybrid cars are the most common type. Hybrid cars are often nick named as the 'cars of the era'.

Hybrid cars come in small size; they work more efficiently than the conventional fuel engine cars. There are some examples of hybrid cars that use a braking system that can generate electricity while the car is in motion.

Hybrid cars are popularly known as hybrid electric cars owing to their engine combination of an internal combustion engine system with one or more electric motors. While some hybrid cars combines of either electric engine with gasoline or with diesel.

Importance of hybrid cars in India

Hybrid cars come with various advantages. The rechargeable battery system of the cars cuts of fuel emissions as the engine of the car draws energy when the gasoline or diesels is not functioning. Since they can reduce emission of fuel, the cars are good for the environment. It is estimated that these cars can decrease the percentage of smog by 90. At the same time the consumption of gasoline or diesel is much lesser than the non-hybrid cars. These hybrid cars recharge the batteries while the car is being driven; this is unlike for the most of the other electric cars. In addition, hybrids can go faster than most electric cars, which cannot speed beyond 50-60 mph.

Hybrid cars in India

When the whole world is going gaga over the hybrid cars, India is no exception. Over the few years, the concept of hybrid cars has taken India in its grip. The low price and eco-friendliness have become the talk of the town. Since both the words are synonymous with hybrid cars, the automobile manufacturing giants in India are engaging in the production of hybrid cars.

The first hybrid car that was launched in India came from one of the leading automobile manufacturing company, Honda India. Honda Civic Hybrid is the first hybrid car of India. The car is eco-friendly and at the same time is fuel-efficient.

Coming from the house of automobile giant Mahindra & Mahindra, the hybrid Scorpio is a hybrid of diesel and electric and not a hybrid of petrol and electric. At the recent Auto Expo 2010 held at Delhi, the company has revealed the Mahindra Scorpio Micro Hybrid SUV.

One of the leading automobile makers of India, Toyota, has launched its first hybrid car, which is regarded as the world's most popular hybrid car. Toyata Prius will soon roll out from the house of Toyota.

Maruti Suzuki, the market leader, earlier this year has showcased in the Auto Expo in Delhi, its hybrid car, SX4 Hybrid. The car is yet to hit the roads of India.

After the successful launch of the cheapest car of the world, Nano, Tata Motors is all geared up to produce hybrid edition of Nano.

Last Updated on 1/9/2012